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You can use this portal to verify a user's WSO2 certificate, view your own certificates, and take your certification exams. For information on the WSO2 certification program, go to WSO2 Certification.

Make sure you thoroughly go through the Examination Guidelines before you attempt any WSO2 exam.

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In granting a certification, WSO2 affirms that the individual has completed the requirements for the respective certification level including a general assessment of their familiarity with core concepts of the associated product or topic. WSO2 is not undertaking to render professional or other services for or on behalf of any person or entity nor is WSO2 undertaking to perform any duty owed by any person.

WSO2 makes no representation about the performance of individuals who have obtained certification. Certification does in no way guarantee or ensure satisfactory performance of a certified individual. Using a WSO2 certification is not a guarantee of the individual's capabilities, nor is a lack of WSO2 certification an indication that such individual is incapable of performing in a competent manner.

WSO2 MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY NATURE OR KIND WHATSOEVER, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, SPECIAL, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL OR OTHERWISE, IN CONNECTION WITH ANY CERTIFICATION OF AN INDIVIDUAL OR THE ACT OR OMISSION OF AN INDIVIDUAL WHO HAS BEEN CERTIFIED BY WSO2. In providing the WSO2 Certification Program, WSO2 does not and shall not assume any responsibility, or accept or incur any obligations or liability of any nature or kind whatsoever, for any individual who becomes "certified" pursuant to that Program.

For more information about training and certification please visit wso2.com/training. For questions or comments about this validation service, please contact us.

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